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my goal

My goal is to help as many people as possible

Well hi there, Thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Esther,mom of 2, and let’s call it “ middle aged” so i have been around for a while now. A healthy lifestyle and a happy radiant appearance is what i have been representing all of my life. Despite many setbacks and health problems, I managed to boost myself to stay healthy and happy without help from others.

My goal

My goal is to share this with as many people as possible and help others to achieve this lifestyle too.

Esther Boezaard

Balance can not be found, it’s something you have to create


Something about food?

In my experience over the years with eating healthy,i’ve seen and done all sorts of diets. The thing is,the word “ diet “ immediately gives an error in peoples brain. So let’s not call it that anymore! Just change and adapt your food intake slowly to a healthier version wich suits you and can last a lifetime. It’s all about finding the right balance between eating yummy stuff and nutrients. So,let me help you with that!


Active lifestyle

Life is a beautiful ride, so get your butt out there,enjoy your environment, be active and let that be your medicine. Whether it’s riding a bike,running,walking or even just sit on a bench outside by yourself. I do all of the above regularly to clear my head and soak up that fresh air. Even in wintertime and rainydays because it really helps getting that blood pumping to your heart!



I believe you always have a choice of how you are going to react,interact,act,decide,plan,live and behave. Of course life catches us off guard sometimes and throws all sorts of misery at us. But it’s in your hands how to deal in those situations. Just write it down and talk to others about it, preferably positive people you can trust. Do some meditation or yoga to stay calm in certain situations. And smile more! Smiling will build uplifting and positive emotions.


About being Happy

Learn how to love yourself is the foundation of a happy life. Be sure you have good energy flowing and move from there. Choose to be active and happy instead of passive and sad. Don’t just wait for happy moments to come but just create them yourself. Even the little things as the smell of fresh baked pie can make you feel happy. When you count and write down these moments, you will see in time that you start to feel happier day by day.



Beauty comes from within, only when you see yourself as a beautiful person,you can radiate that to others. With the right skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle you can also emphasize that. Let me help you to become that sparkly person that leaves glitter behind everywhere you go

I don’t listen to reply, I don’t listen and judge, I simply listen


I can be your confidant

In certain situations where you have no one to talk to or you don’t want to talk to friends,family or a certified coach. You need someone you can trust, that will listen without judging, will keep your privacy and can help you to clear your mind. I can be a confidant to you but i can also help you achieve your personal goals, lose weight,become healthier and happier and give you tools to a balanced daily routine.